Enjoy tea with all five senses

That infusions such as rooibos, linden, green tea, chamomile or pennyroyal, are good for health, we all know. However, in this post we want to go a little further and point out why drinking this type of drink can become a pleasure for you to enjoy with all your senses.

Advantages of buying tea online

Buying tea online offers you many advantages that you should take into account. In the first place, you have detailed all the information and characteristics of each product to know the composition of each type of infusion. For example, red tea is recommended for people who want to lose weight and hibiscus to combat heartburn.

On the quierote.es page we have a wide variety of herbal teas such as linden, licorice or lapacho, among many others, and infusions prepared from a mixture of fruits that will give a special touch to your infusion. In this way, you will be able to make a selection of your favorite products and receive it comfortably at your home, without having to go to any establishment.

Infusions awaken all the senses

Those of us who love tea and infusions know that it is a wonderful pleasure, as for many it is to taste a good wine. The goal is to appreciate the quality of these natural foods.

We clarify that, when tasting a good tea, all the senses participate, from the moment we take the leaves of the plant to put them in the water until the infusion reaches our stomach. With the touch you can check the degree of dryness of the leaves. If they creak when you pick them up with your index finger and thumb, they are dry and, if they don't, they will be moist.

Sight is also important to observe the quality of the color and the condition of the leaves. Generally, if they are badly broken, they will be of worse quality than those that are in perfect condition. In addition, the view will also be triggered by infusions of fruit mix for its varied and cheerful color. On the other hand, you will be able to contemplate the color of the tea, together with its opacity and sediments, once prepared if you introduce it in a glass or transparent bottom glass.

Smell is essential to smell the tea and analyze the aromas that come to us, in the same way that it is when we already have it in the cup. We are convinced that you will be surprised to discover new smells that come from totally new infusions for you. Besides being fun, it is exciting. We encourage you to take some tea or infusion and taste it slowly to appreciate its full flavor.

In conclusion, infusions and tea trigger all the senses, but, as there are so many varieties, we encourage you to find out about the existing possibilities and learn about their characteristics to see which variety can best influence you. For example, many lovers of these drinks associate green tea with an improvement in mental activity and rooibos to lift their spirits. Bet on buying online to increase your comfort.

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