BIO herbal slimming tea
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Herbal teas

BIO herbal slimming tea

Unflavoured Green matte*, blackberry leaves*, nettle*, scaraber*,fennel*, anise*, birch leaves*, liquorice root*. *Biological culture products How to prepare it: 100o 5-10 min 12-15 g/l
Chai-rooibos BIO
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Chai-rooibos BIO

Unflavoured Natural Rooibos* (59%), cinnamon chips*, ginger*, fennel*, anise*, cloves*, cardamom*, ground cardamom*. *Biological culture products How to prepare it: 100o 7-10 min 15-20 g/l
Japanese Tea Kukicha Toasted BIO
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Green Tea Japanese Toasted Bancha. Specialty of particular appearance, combining green leaves and fine frogs or stems. Organic cultivation. How to make this type of tea: 70-80o 1-2 min. 10-15 g/l
kraft paper bag kraft paper bag 2
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If you wish we have kraft paper bags, which are a more eco-friendly container for tea because they do not contain plastic are fully recyclable. Just choose this item in your purchase and we will pack your entire order in this type of bag at no extra charge.
Click for tea bag "teeli" Click for tea bag "teeli" 2
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Click for tea bag "teeli"

Teeli click is a smart choice for closing tea filters. Just do the following: Using both thumbs, push the clip outward (against the curve) until it opens. Place the tea bag opening in the clip and press the clip to close. Place the filter in the kettle, hanging the clip on the edge. After making the tea, simply remove the clip and discard the bag.
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