Citypaq de Correos: Con citypaq ahora son tus paquetes los que te esperan a ti. ¿como funciona?

What is a Citypaq?

Citypaq is a postal service.

Scope: Service available in the peninsular and Balearic area.

Consisting of a series of automated terminals installed in the common places of passage or in communities of neighbors, which allow you to collect your online purchases at the points where it suits you, we have two types of devices:

*Large, with dimensions: Length 75 cm. x Height 44 cm. x Width 61 cm.

*Small, with dimensions: Length 60 cm. x Height 49 cm. x Width 40 cm.

A Citypaq is a kind of huge cashier that contains several compartments of different sizes. It is located in public areas of certain populations of Spain. When we place an order with an online store, it is possible to indicate that the package is deposited in the Citypaq of our choice. When the package is deposited, we receive a notification at our email address and also in the smartphone app, if we have it installed on our mobile. We just have to approach to pick it up with the barcode provided to us or with an identification number and remove it.

The Citypaq is one of the two services offered by Correos, belonging in generic to the CorreosPaq service.

Correospaq has two types of service:

- Citypaq, consisting of large ATMs in public places.

- Homepaq, consisting of smaller ATMs installed in the halls or other common areas of neighboring communities.

Both Citypaq and Homepaq have several compartments of different sizes to suit the volume of the package to be deposited. The difference between the two is the overall size of the cashier, which in the case of the Citypaq is much larger because it is in publicly accessible areas and therefore because it has a higher volume of parcels. In the case of homepaq, it also allows shipments. Please note that Citypaq only allows pick-ups.

The service page is as follows:

On that page we can consult the Citypaq available in our population (if any), so that we can choose the one that suits us best, either because we have it close to home or near work, for example. On the same page we can register for the service to be able to use it and thus receive notifications in our e-mail or in the mobile app.

Here are the advantages of this service:

1. First of all, saying that the service is completely free,and using it has no influence at all on the cost of shipping.

2. We can use it with any online store. Just include an address in the address book that we have in that store, we include an address with the indicated format.

3. We do not depend on the schedule of a post office, since we do not have to go to it, that sometimes its schedules do not coincide with our free hours, and other times its schedules are only until noon. Citypaqs are usually in areas with wide schedules, such as train or metro stations, more than enough for anyone to pick up the package whenever they want, including Saturdays and Sundays.

4. No queues. You don't have to wait for me to touch you, you go there, you take your package and you go home.

5. In regular shipments without track, we will also know when it arrives, because we will receive notifications equally, although, logically, we will not know when it arrives in Spain.

6. No need to sign anything or identify yourself. Anyone can go looking for it for us, just know the number or receive a screenshot on their mobile with the barcode.

Dimensions: Service intended for parcel shipments that do not exceed the established measures*.

Weight: Service included for shipments up to 30 kg in weight.

Deadlines: Delivery method with a period of 48 or 72 hours depending on the product used.

The mobile app is available for Android and IOS:

Android: CityPaq

IOS: CityPaq IOS

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