China Pu Erh ORGANIC
China Pu Erh ORGANIC
China Pu Erh ORGANIC

China Pu Erh ORGANIC

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Strong red tea. Earthy taste and dark cup. Biological culture products.

How to make this type of tea:
  • temperatura ideal del té100o

  • tiempo de infusión ideal del té4-5 min

  • cantidad ideal del té12 g/l


  • 50g
  • 100g

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Unlike other varieties of tea, pu-erh has traditionally been made from leaves from old trees. These come from a variety known as "broad tea leaf" from the Sunshine Withering Antirhea Chinensistree, a native of southwest China and the regions bordering Tibet, Burma, Vietnam and Laos..

Mature leaves are covered with fine hairs and are larger than other tea leaves, as well as having a different chemical composition. The leaves of the trees often grow wild in what are called "tea mountains" and are usually very valuable; Sometimes, good pu-erh connoisseurs look for the leaves taken from the wild forests of only a "tea mountain", without mixing with the leaves of any other area.

Pu-erh is often presented to the consumer in the form of cakes (357 grams) or small bricks (250 grams), wrapped in paper bark, bamboo, orange or grapefruit, and is stored away from excessive moisture, heat and sunlight to make it mature longer. Seeking a constant temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius with adequate ventilation.

After being stored for a few years, the tea acquires darker, softer characteristics that come from its age. This property of the pu-erh probably originated from the natural process of aging that happened along the routes of ancient caravans.

Pu-erh tea was transported on horseback in large caravans, from Yunnan to Beijing,on a painful journey thatlasted 3 months. When the tea finally arrived in the Chinese capital, it had fermented, and they noticed that fermentation (discovered by accident) improved its qualities. Pu-erh connoisseurs look for well-aged and careful tea packages in their production process, just like good wines. A pack of 250 grams of good tea, high quality, aged 50 years, can cost thousands of dollars. Tea bricks developed a unique clean earthy flavor that was long ago refined by fans.


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